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Plan of The Old Olive Mill

The Old Olive Mill is a renovated traditional old stone village dowry house & olive mill & is accessed through arched double wooden gates, that lead to an enclosed patio(1).

This patio gives access to all areas of 'The Old Olive Mill' both Pano (Upstairs) and Kato (Downstairs). 

Downstairs the patio leads through a stoa to the Kato's main door in one direction, whilst linking to a second patio(2) with doors leading to the Kato living room.

Stone steps at the side of the patio(1) lead to the Pano balcony(3) and to the Pano's main door. 

Pano and Kato Floors

Guest Accommodation Formats

The Old Olive Mill, is normally taken as a whole: Consisting of two floors with all outdoor space available. In this format it could sleep a maximum of 8 guests: 

The Pano Studio could sleep 3; 2 in a double bed and 1 in a single bed. The Kato living room sleeps 2 in a double bed; The Kato bedroom sleeps 3; 2 in a set of bunk beds and 1 in a single bed. 

This enables a variety of different combinations for the initial 8 guests catered for; 7 adults & 1 child, 6 adults & 2 children, 4 adults & 4 children; etc. A minimum of 1 adult is necessary to complete a booking. It should also be noted that if 7 or 8 guests plan to stay the 7th and 8th guest will have to share their sleeping quarters with 2 other guests.

The cost of The Mill is based on the apartment & the accommodation provided; catering for a maximum of 8 guests with linen, tableware etc. rather than the combination of guests.

However, to try and accommodate for a variety of different budgets; The Mill can also be taken as a single floor: Pano can accommodate up to 3 guests, whilst Kato can accommodate up to 5 guests. Further details on each apartment can be found here.

Please note that only one floor will be rented out at a time, giving guests the full use of both bathrooms andall outdoor space, but not the internal living areas of the unbooked floor.