Dhorian History

The village of Dhoros is situated in the Kouris Valley, halfway between the major port town of Limassol and the Troodos mountains; nestling on a plateau on the Eastern slopes of the once mighty Kouris river. The area has been inhabited since the earliest of times by Greek settlers from the Peloponnese; who having landed at ancient Curium, ventured further inland following the course of the river upstream until they eventually reached a fertile plateau poised above the meeting place of three ancient rivers. Here they established the ancient village of Dhoros

Dhoros translates from ancient Greek into present or gift; Above the humidity level, fresh warm mountain breezes take the heat out of midsummer days, that on the plains and the coastline can be blisteringly hot and humid, whilst being below the snowline ensures milder winters for all. With nearly 365 days of sunshine it's easy to understand why the ancient Greeks saw it as a gift from the Gods.

They cultivated the area with olives, carobs, citrus fruits and vines, which are still grown and harvested here today. Over the centuries the community prospered, building watermills to harness the power of the Kouris river; crushing grapes and olives for their precious juices and grinding wheat for bread. The oldest part of the village where the Old Olive Mill is situated can still be seen today down near the river bed. Winding cobbled streets, thick stone walled houses with sloping roofs, large gates giving access to stone walled smallholdings that housed domestic animals and fowl and grew and stored fruit and vegetables.