Koumandaria & Krassochoria 

Dhoros sits within a very fertile valley on Troodos' southern slopes; which are renowned for their vineyards. As such Dhoros is included in not one but two of Cyprus' major wine producing areas, the Koumandaria appellation area and the Krassochoria area.

Commandaria; an amber coloured, sweet wine, with a flavour reminiscent of raisins, caramel and dried fruits, has a rich history, dating back to ancient Greece, where it was ceremoniously drunk in celebration of the Cypriot born Goddess Aphrodite. (Earliest records cite the Greek poet Hesiod in 800 BC referring to Cypriot Manna.)

The wine has to be grown and produced within the geographical region of 14 villages in the fertile high-altitude slopes in the south-west of the island foothills of the Troodos Mountains that became known as "La Grande Commanderie" during the Crusades. Dhoros is one of these villages

Local Boutique Wineries

Dhoros is also one of the villages known as the Krassochoria villages. These villages produce the island’s famous dry red wine. In many of the villages the old forms of viticulture are still kept alive, as you can see from the photos above where one of my village friend's sons are crushing grapes (and making Zivania from the leftovers in an ancient still!) Wine production is still one of the main occupations for many villagers. Many of these small wineries welcome visitors individually and on wine tasting tours. Visit Karseras our local winery in Dhoros, where you will find a warm welcome and a glass of wine or two to taste.

Along side the wine many other products are made from the grapes and these make up a large part of the work of many villagers, my blog pages will tell you about lots of village traditions and specialities.