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The Changing Faces Of

 The Old Olive Mill 

The face of The Old Olive Mill is constantly changing as the seasons and the years pass.

Sometimes the purple local Yiannis bougainvillea takes precedence, whilst at other times it is the dark pink.

Our monumental palm tree continues to grow, whilst the smaller local Cypriot date palm is catching up quickly.

The original Americana Agave was given to us by our dear friend Marina from her Larnaca beachfront garden and has now created agaves of all sizes along the front garden.

Yellow daisies appear at Easter in time to dye the eggs, and geraniums fight for space and sun. Our roses have finally taken hold and we are hoping to add a few more for alternative colour.

However, the pride of place in our front garden has to be Philipos' 'Mill Stone' set by the front gates - a reminder of a wonderful friend from our early days in the village.

The Mill's latest additions are the traditional wood and iron railings along the upper balcony walls, making it a safe haven to appreciate the wonderful views.