Dhoros' Village Traditions

In much earlier years Dhoros as a rural village in the foothills of the Troodos mountains, many difficult miles between the village and the main towns and ports, had to be more or less self sustainable.

As an ancient Cypriot civilisation; Vegetables, Fruit, Grape Vines, Cereals, Goats, Snails, Herbs, Fowl & Sheep were farmed and collected by the villagers to ensure they had sustenance all year round.  These ancient village traditions enabled them to preserve the seasonable produce of the land during the colder winter months and the hotter drier summer months. Intertwined with their beliefs in the Greek Gods, they were passed on from generation to generation.

When Greek Orthodox Christianity was introduced to the island; like the ancient beliefs before; it became woven into the very lives & traditions of the people and the seasons.

And so today; having only recently become a more accessible place to reach, the majority of those ancient traditions, along with their Church and the seasons, still form an integral part of the life of the village and the villagers.

As English visitors, some 25 years ago, we were welcomed into the village with open arms and never left making it our second home. Over the years we have been privileged to learn about and share in many of these traditional & seasonal events, and over the next pages we will endeavour to share some of them with you. 

It is through this sharing of their traditions & beliefs that has trulymade Dhoros our second home; we hope that by learning about the village and its life that you too will feel at home and welcome when you stay in our home.