Dhoros & The Local Area

The Old Olive Mill sits in a secluded spot at the edge of the small quiet farming village of Dhoros. Lying in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains within the Kouris Valley, it is surrounded by vinyards, fruit orchards, wild herbs & olive trees. Below the snow-line, above the humidity level & with little noise or light pollution it is the perfect getaway from city and town life. 

The village is a traditional mountain Cypriot village, with many old stone houses and winding cobbled alleyways. Rural and peaceful, village life continues as it has done for centuries, Little English is spoken or heard in the village as the majority of the villagers are Cypriot. However, this doesn't mean that the villagers are uncommunicative. As with all traditional Cypriot villages and their inhabitants, welcome or καλωσορισατε (kalos Orisaste) are the key words that our villagers use to greet newcomers. A friendly smile and an invite to partake of a cup of Cypriot coffee and some traditional glyko are commonplace with many of the villagers who love the chance to try and chat to visitors.

A planned visit to our representative's home in the village will take the guests back in time to witness traditional village ways of life and a chance to purchase some traditional village staples, such as trachanas, soujouko, zivania, koumandaria, sultanas, etc. Whilst an extra hand in grape picking and planting is always appreciated. 

The pace of life is slow & quiet, but there is a Kafeneon & a playground in the village square, both of which spring to life in the late afternoons and evenings. Whilst weekends, religious holidays & festivals, see the village inhabitants more than doubling in numbers, as families & relatives return to their village to join in and celebrate.

Dhoros is one of the original 14 local villages that made up the geographic appellation for Koumandaria, the oldest known named wine still in production. Cut off from the outside world and set within a Nature Reserve, beautiful long walks can be taken in all directions. A car can connect you to the other local villages, many of which have wineries, shops & tavernas of their own. Monasteries & painted churches can be easily accessed from Dhoros. Whilst the main B8 road gives easy access to: Troodos & her ski slopes, mountain walks & waterfalls and Cyprus' second city Limassol with her Port, Old Town, New Marina, shops & beaches.

Supermarkets, banks, bakeries, garden centres, potteries, horse riding, mountain biking, cycling, a shooting club with swimming pool, night clubs, etc. are all available within the Troodos - Limassol area. The map below can direct you to many of these places, simply click on the stars below;