Need To Know

We expect our guests to love our home and treat it as they would like their own home to be treated by visitors. Leaving it hopefully as clean and fresh as you find it. 


The Mill's two bathrooms are on separate floors,


The Old Olive Mill Dhoros is now on a variety of online travel agents sites. Please note that we will always offer the best price available if booked with us directly. Simply go to our booking page and use the booking widget available.

Cleaning & Linen

The house will be cleaned and new linen provided before your stay and if staying longer than a week then a weekly clean and change of linen is provided within the booking fee. 

Should you require an extra clean or change of linen during your stay, this can be usually be arranged for an extra fee directly with our Housekeeper 

Cypriot Toilets

Due to Cypriot rules and the general use of cesspits, toilet paper is generally not flushed down the WC, instead you are requested to use a waste bin with a liner. (there is a large green waste collection container nearby) It is even more important not to throw anything else into the toilet such as nappies, sanitary towels or tampons, panty pads, cotton wool buds, pads or balls, etc. Please be aware of this rule and make sure everything is placed in the bin provided. Disregarding this could cause severe flooding or blockages

Dishwashers, Fridges and Washing Machines.

A dishwasher is available in the main Kato Olive Mill kitchen, A fridge and a washing machine are also available ; The fridge is housed in the utility room whilst the washing machine is under the Stoa in the built in cupboard. 

Free Wifi
Getting There

Unless you live on the Island of Cyprus there are only two ways of getting there; An Aeroplane or a ship.

Limassol is home to Cyprus' main port so if you fancy arriving by ship; Limassol is the port to head for.

Dhoros and Limassol are mid way between Paphos and Larnaca so if you are arriving by aeroplane you have a couple of choices; The airport in Paphos welcomes flights from most tour companies worldwide, as well as some scheduled flights. Larnaca airport accepts scheduled and tourist flights.

Both Airports have shuttle buses to Limassol; which is the closest town to Dhoros.

Unless you are on a really tight budget, or you intend to have a cycling holiday, the best option is to hire a car; which you will need if you intend to explore the region or want to visit some of the excellent tavernas in the surrounding mountain villages.

We have excellent contacts across the island and are more than happy to assist you with local companies that will meet you when or wherever you arrive.

Heating & Gaz Cylinders 

Heating is not generally needed for the majority of the year. The main cooking hob is gaz, and will need to be exchanged if it runs out.


(2 minutes walk from our house) If you get really stuck there is a kaffeneon by the larger church that seems to be expanding; both in the hours they are open and in what they sell. Traditionally & generally a drop in for the local men, who sit inside in the winter and outdoors in the summer, discussing the world, playing Tavli or cards and drinking coffee. (soft drinks, beer and ice-creams are usually available); it all depends on the time, season and religious phase the village is passing through. It may also be possible to buy some top up phone cards here.


The utility room houses a small library which we are continually adding to. Please feel free to borrow the books for your holiday, if you haven't finished reading it you are welcome to take it with you providing you leave another in its place, in fact please feel free to leave all your read holiday fiction for future guests, just write the Olive Mill's name inside the front cover. A benefit to you in that your luggage allowance will be increased to allow more souvenirs of your holiday to be taken back home.

Owners' Presence On Site

As the Mill's owners we may or may not be present during your stay.

However, before your stay we are more than happy to answer all of your queries regarding the Mill prior to your booking or arrival by phone or email

During your stay our representative at Truly Cyprus (who speaks excellent English) will be available should any problems arise. He will ensure that the Mill is unlocked (lights on if you are arriving late) and that the keys are available and the Mill is ready for your stay. He will also handle any local enquiries or special requests during your stay.

As owners we live in To Skarpariko the house next door and attached to The Old Olive Mill. Our upstairs balcony links to the Pano's balcony by a few stone steps.


As a small traditional village; cars are a fairly new introduction, but parking spaces have been cleared in numerous areas within the village. There are no parking meters or restrictions as such, just make sure other cars can get past your parked vehicle. There is a fairly large open space opposite the Mill.

The only problems may be getting your car out for return flights or planned visits if they happen to occur on a Sunday, a holy day or a village festival day. At these times the village population swells sometimes 3 or 4 fold and some people have a tendency to abandon their cars wherever they stop. You are more than likely at some time during your stay to come across a stationary, motor running, unmanned car, blocking your way out; no problems just lean on the horn a couple of times, it usually brings the driver out who will give you a nod and maybe move the car immediately or finish his delivery and then allow you to manoeuvre around each other.

The same goes for parked cars blocking your way out.


Pets can be assessed on an individual basis, but are generally not expected, as this is an island and unless you are already living in Cyprus, would not really be expected to have one with you. However, if a pet is to stay, then they would be expected to be thoroughly house trained, and any cleaning due to pets are the direct responsibility of the guest.

Smoking & Fire Hazards

Smoking is not accepted within the house, but there are many outside areas to facilitate smokers. Please be aware that one of the main hazards in the mountains are fires caused by discarded cigar or cigarette ends . With the climate being generally very dry and warm, extra care is always needed for the disposal of cigarette ends and used BBQ coals.


There is a public call box / telephone box by the village shop and post can also be sent from here. The village has moved on since we first arrived and it is usually no problem to get a mobile signal anywhere in the house or village. It may also be possible to buy some top up phone cards from the Kaffeneon.

Village Shop 

(1 minutes walk from our house) The village shop is open for staples such as bread & milk & the very basic needs of some of the villagers (who can't access shops further afield) very early in the mornings on weekdays. The last time we used it you had to order your milk beforehand and it came every other day. Possibly the same for bread but that is delivered daily and is Cypriot village bread. (Which is delicious fresh!) It's best to enquire when you arrive about opening times as it can vary depending on the shop keeper's whims; if no one turns up it is deemed quite normal to close early, even though they are supposed to be open later! Also beware a public or church holiday, always a good excuse not to open at all!


Water is natural spring water on tap from the mountains! Therefore it does not need to be boiled, nor do you need bottled water, it is perfectly safe to drink. The smaller of the taps by the kitchen sinks are generally used as direct drinking water as they have not been stored in a tank.

We fill bottles with our tap water and keep them in the fridge to ensure long cold drinks and if we are going further afield its a good idea to freeze (plastic) bottles of water, they will soon defrost in the car!

Again please be aware that the other major problem in Cyprus is drought. Quite often it will not rain for months on end. As the towns get their water from reservoirs they are often restricted during the summer months. This is a rare occurrence in the mountains, but we can still have restrictions put on us by the government to ensure fairness to the whole population. As such we ask you to be aware of the water you use, and not let taps run when not needed and take care about any wastage of this valuable resource.

However we would appreciate it if you decided to give the flowers and shrubs the odd drink or two, they can get thirsty in the long hot summer months.

Wood Burning Stove

Generally the stove would only be needed if staying in the winter months. We have recently had it renovated so that it will be fully usable . Wood can be purchased from our representative or locally from supermarkets.